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Ruan's Chemical (Changshu) Co., Ltd .

Tree: Perseverance and spirit of climbing forever. Innovation: Turn waste into treasure and develop circular economy.

From the beginning of the Nguyen’s people in the 1980s to the Wujiang Ruanshi Chemical Co., Ltd., which produces chemical products, to this century, the Ruanshi Chemical (Changshu) Co., Ltd., which comprehensively uses hazardous waste to produce inorganic salt products, invented and created dangers. The advanced science and technology that combines waste disposal with the production of chemical products spans the two major industries of environmental governance and chemical industry. It has independent intellectual property rights (more than 30 national patented technologies), among which the patented technology for pollution control invented by the company has become the main technical process in the industry and is widely used in the entire industry; the company invented the patent for wastewater treatment ammonia nitrogen zero discharge Technology, won the "National Scientific and Technological Innovation and Invention Achievement" award, and formulated national technical specifications and industry product quality standards on behalf of the industry. Science and technology are the main productivity! In the course of technological innovation, the company's strong economic strength, advanced science and technology and rich practical experience have been created.
      Ruan Thi Chemical (Changshu) Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a total investment of 48 million US dollars (registered capital of 21 million US dollars), of which the total assets of environmental protection facilities were 120 million yuan. The company has the capacity to dispose of 200,000 tons of hazardous waste annually, and holds a large number of hazardous waste business licenses in the province, accounting for 20% of the province's hazardous waste disposal volume. In the process of resource disposal of hazardous waste, it can produce 100,000 tons of various inorganic salt products such as copper salt each year, and the resource utilization rate of hazardous waste is as high as 99.9%. The environmentally friendly recycled products produced by the company sell well all over the world, among which "basic copper carbonate" products account for 40% of the global market; "cuprous chloride" products account for 40% of the national market. In the trend of transformation and innovation, it has developed a large-scale enterprise with a per capita output value of over 10 million and a tax per capita of nearly one million per mu. It is one of the top 100 local economic enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, and private technology enterprises.
      Thirty years of hard work and thirty years of development have created the Nguyen people's perseverance and innovative spirit to climb high peaks, and make the Nguyen people's due contributions to turning waste into treasure, developing recycling economy, protecting the environment, and benefiting mankind.


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